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Monday, July 09, 2012

Living In the Moment With Mr A-Z

He had me with Bella Luna, which could have been the perfect theme song for the Twilight series.

The Singapore leg of Jason Mraz' world tour, in relation to his latest album Love is a Four-Letter word, was one event that I have eagerly waited for months! For the concert would be my first time to hear and see Jason perform. And boy, was it worth all the wait!

I was there at the newly opened Gardens By the Bay, 3 long hours prior to the concert, standing, closely watching every moment in the empty stage. Save from the intruments and birds hopping from part of the stage to the other, the concert ground was buzzing with excitement.

3 hours before the curtain call

Slowly, the concert grounds was being filled with people of different colors and race, the same time the horizon started to change its hues. The anticipation was building up; shrieks was uttered everytime someone with the same built and hair cut with that of Jason's emerged on the stage, only to be quickly muffled. And when one by one the band members took their position and readied up their intruments, came at last the man of the hour, in simple shirt, jeans and hat, barefooted! I love the long, curly locks, his beard, his Be Loved tat, his lean bod and how his eyes speak a thousand words.

Jason started the off the concert with The World As I See It, and boy, I think my heart stopped for a while. If only the two girls beside me kept their sighs to themselves and didn't cry before me, I would have allowed my tears to flow as much as they've wanted to. But still, I got my goosies. Jason's voice was more soothing live, making his every word and his melody reach the deepest of my heart. All throughout, my hands were either over my heart, pumping up in the air, swaying or clapping. My eyes fixed on him, and I would melt whenever his gaze turns towards where I stand - of course making myself believe he was looking at me (I swear I strongly believe he was!).

Hearing him sing Beautiful Mess,  Bella Luna, Mr. Curiosity and I Won't Give Up gave me the same sweet, haunting feeling everytime I listen to these songs. As I watched him do his wacka-wacka like moves while singing Butterfly, man, my knees wobbled and my toes curled up. So sexy!

can anybody rock this outfit any cooler than this man?

I missed my husband more when he played The Woman I Love. How the band played I'm Coming Over made me feel how it would be like to spend a night with him and the band, jamming.

Although Toca was terribly missed, the ensemble was more than enough to fill the gap. The brass guys where so much fun to watch as they made music with their sax and trumpet. The violin added lovingly to the vibe.

Singapore's local artist Corrine May, graced the concert and sang Lucky with Jason. I enjoyed it but it would have been more lovely had I been the one singing Colby Caillat's part instead.

with Corrine May
All throughout the show, I was screaming, singing to each song, holding my breath from time to time, getting lost in the moment. I was in a different dimension, only to be back on earth by a bumped or nudged by the people around me.

Jason is really a treat to watch on stage. You can see his love to his craft; he knows how to have his crowd be in one with him; he made me believe I was not just there to watch but to be in the journey with him, if only for the night. He is really a master of word play, excellent with his guitar and piano. Singing or just conversing with the crowd, he was like always reciting a poem, and I loved it. His words weren't just nonsense babbling. He was conveying a worthy message, which revolves around God's 2nd general commandment - love your neighbors as you love God.

Although he was not able to play some of the songs I was hoping he would, he is, as is in one of his songs says, "P-E-R-F-E-C-T" and "A-W-E-S-O-M-E"! I felt tired and sore from standing for hours only when we are heading the exit.

His line-up  (not in a particular order) included the following songs (at least those that I remember), and another one he said to be a newly composed song (I think).

The World As I See It
Bella Luna

Be Honest

Living In The Moment
Make It Mine

Curbside Prophet/The Remedy

The Freedom Song

The Woman I Love

I'm Yours

A Beautifull Mess

You and I Both

I'm Coming Over
One Love
Details In The Fabric

Mr. Curiosity

93 Million Miles
I Won't Give Up

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