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Friday, August 06, 2010

Looking back and moving on ...

During our recent seminar for project managers, which focused on people management, waves of emotions and countless memories engulfed me as I listen to the speakers and the reactors. It didn't matter if the words they used were eloquent or not because for me, the message was loud and clear - people management is all about:

1. understanding (of one self and of others)

2. respect for each other (be it opinion, skill, position, etc.)

3. camaraderie

4. establishing team focus and goals

All of these are easier said than being accomplished. Respect, for one, is earned. And it is applies to everyone. Some of which would take time - like camaraderie. But this taking of time would certainly make the path smooth, and the goal clearer, if only each person in a team is honestly open to it.

I mentioned "team focus and goals" - not just an individual's. For if it is the latter, it may fall under "vested interest". Sadly, vested interest is almost always resides in one's heart. The higher the level of personal interest defines your being "makasarili". But this is another post.

The ability to establish team focus and goal comes easy if the first 3 items exists. Anybody disagree? :)

As we listen to the speakers (and give reactions amongst ourselves), I cannot help but to be sentimental. Memories come flashing like a movie. I was even teary-eyed several times, if only for a colleague's funny remarks. Little did I know that the rest of us feels the same. Nostalgic. Sad but true, that this is all we can be right now - nostalgic, remembering how we used to be. Like lovers who had other factors (third party, parents, conflict of interest) ruined what good there is, our beloved company seems to be going thru the same.

Does everything else fails? Would there be a time when we can all be happy again? Really happy despite the odds? It's everyone's question and right now, your answer is as good as mine.

I am not one to deny positivism. Maybe this is all a dream from which we will wake up soon and see different. Maybe. There's no harm to hope. But no matter how you see yourself, where you see yourself, please do not forget how we were before - a family. A family that understands each other (though there were bickering), that respects each other, with an overflowing love and camaraderie and that is for a common and united goal. And whatever the future holds for us, keep the experience in our pockets and bring to wherever we may be. Share them and add more.