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Monday, June 02, 2008

I was Cook-ed!

I wasn't expecting to be all excited at the start of AI's Season 7 months ago. The last time I got so into following the competition was 5 seasons back, which was Clay Aiken's season. This time, it is my guilty pleasure to devote almost half of my Wednesdays and Thursdays (Philippine setting) checking out YouTube for the performances and results updates.

When the Top 24 was announced, I was so sad knowing Josiah Lemming wasn't able to make it. But then again, there were still my Top 4 - Michael Johns, Danny Noriega, Ramiel Malubay and David Archuleta. Yeap, no Cook in my list.

Danny didn't even reached top 12. Ramiel wasn't able to prove she was the powerhouse everyone thought she was during the audition. Michael was probably a victim of racism, being an Aussie, was not supported by the American voters (hmmm, same case with fellow Aussie Mig Ayesa, don't you think?). David reached finale, with another David. Ah-huh, David Cook. And everybody knows the bigger David gets to eat the cake in the end.

So, you Cook-addicts must be laughing at me right now, with your fingers pointing directly to my face my eyes almost crossed and chanting "Our David is the winner .. Our David is the winner.."

Alright! Point taken.

I didn't like David, though he sang a Bon Jovi song during auditions, not because he doesn't have the talent but because of that smug look on his face. But his Billy Jean version made me realize I can totally ignore the smugness and just take pleasure on his artistry. As David C filled us all with his personal take on each of his chosen songs, I can no longer deny that all along I was putting my bet on the wrong David.

Little Archuleta is talented as well, and I so wanted him to win because I feel he needs the title more than Cook does. Just look at Clay. But the public has spoken and he definitely embraced and owned that night - it's definitely the time for him to be more than a name or a face in the crowd ... c'mon sing with me now ... "... I know this is the time, this is the time of life ..."