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Monday, July 16, 2007

A Lullaby

I have written poems
'bout our fruits of love
But haven't penned one
'bout you and our life.
So here's one just for you
not just to say "I love you",
but to hail my admiration
and my undying appreciation.

We had a rocky start
and rocky our life's still.
But I never once felt
that you're loosing faith
that what we've started
is worth living for;
that what God has blessed us with
is enough to let us soar.
Sour into new heights
and defy all the odds,
we will in God's time.
With you I lay my heart
and our kids' life.

Other's may perceive our life differently
but both of us know the truth,
of how hard our road has been.
Hard, yes, but I see it as our destiny.
And I trust our Lord
that we will finally see the rainbow's end.
Our journey may have been bumpy,
but with you as my husband
and the kids as our joys,
life is LIFE!, love is LOVE!

I love you won't be enough,
without you, I dare not face life.
But I love you, I'll say true.
In love with you, I'll stay still.
Hon, you've been my pillar of strength
more than I have been for you.
I pray that we stay,
whatever comes our way.
I pray that we'll all be together
in all of our days.