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"i'm a bitch, i'm a mother, i'm a child, i'm a lover. i'm a sinner, but not a saint ... I've been where nobody else have dared. I am what no one dreamt of being.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

When realization strikes ...

Some years ago, before I found the man I am happily married to now, I was on a different element. I would like to claim, forgive my being narcissistic, that I am a smooth operator. I get what I want - my time, my way. To say that I am slick is an understatement. I may not be the drop-dead gorgeous kinda gal, but I have my charms indeeed. And I know how to used it - back then.

Back then. Back then. Back then.

10 yrs into being married and with a kid, I kinda lost that "power". Not that I need it. I guess I just want to have my confidence back. I am not enjoying standing behind the curtain At least I want the power to stir something great.

Just ranting.