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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Flavor of Life

Being away from home, I tend to look for something to do, to learn, just to prevent the homesickness to kick in. And thanks to Mareng Kezy and her much recommended Hanayori Dango (Japanese kick of the mangga), sleepless nights and dragging days pass smoothly.

Below is an English translation of HD Season 2's theme Flavor of Life, sang by Utada Hikaru.

♪When you say "Thank you" to me,
it somehow makes me feel a bit pained.
And after you say "Goodbye,"
that magic that I couldn't escape from is just a fleeting bitterness,
This is the flavour of life.
The flavour of life.♪

I dreamt of a harvest day,
and picking unripened fruit
In the space between "not quite lovers"
and "not quite friends."
And because I couldn't take that one last step forward,
You tell me it's frustrating, baby. ♪ 

♪ Sweet empty invitations and dry, flavourless talk -
These sort of things won't ever interest me.
And when things don't go the way you wanted,
You don't just throw your life away.
When you suddenly ask me,
"What's wrong?"
I just say, "No, it's nothing."
And the way my smile disappears after you say "Goodbye,"
it isn't like me at all.
Somehow the more I want to believe in you, the more painful it becomes.
Rather than declaring "I am in love with you,"
wouldn't a simple "I love you" be more like you, after all?

The flavour of life.
The unexpected scent of the person
I'd just started to forget,
it brings to mind that time...
I want to honestly be happy,
more honest than the pure white of piled snow.
I don't want diamonds.
I'd rather have a softer, warmer future.
I'd rather spend as much time as I can with you.