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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Tango of Music and Love

Mariah Carey, TLC, Ella Mae Sayson, Martin Nieverra and Kyla are just few who have been a part of my life. Not that I am friends with them (though I wish I am), their music are.

They were there when I was down the slope of love. They cheered me when I was high with the magic of it. They shed light to my doubts when I got trapped in the web of cupid’s spell. They stood by me when I thought love has lost its place in Webster. And just like what Bonnie Tyler famously said in her Billboard hit “Love songs won’t leave you, as lovers often do.”

Love and music is like Romeo and Juliet, or Anthony and Cleopatra, or Jennifer Lopez and Ben Afflect (before the break-up). Where goes love, so does music. Any milestone in a relationship is depicted perfectly in the tune currently playing on the radio. Every reason of happiness, anger, hurt or sadness is alleviated or heightened by a song. And when sung, the performer seems to convey all the emotions you have in your heart (though we sometimes wish their facial expressions would give justice to the song as well).

Music is lyrical poetry. While words help us paint the fantasy we all want to live in, music softly carries us there. And love – love is the fire that keeps us burning with faith that in the end, it (love) would conquer all.

While a song can be played all day and all night, it would mean nothing without anybody relating to it. And love (or hate) is just a feeling if there are no songs to help us get past through dreaming of love, falling for it, living in it, dying for it, and resurrected for it.

It just goes to show that one cannot survive without the other. And people cannot be in love without loving music. And succumbing to the power of love cannot happen without any melody to blow the wind.

Love and music is therefore everywhere. They’re there when a person comes to our lives and turns our fantasy to reality. They share our sleepless nights when sweet turned to sour and they stay until the storm quiets down. Then goes the cycle again.

“Here, there and everywhere..,” so The Beatles say. And we too shall remain.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A Rendezvous With An Old Love

I have almost forgotten how it was to be engulfed in a sudden rush of excitement. I have realized I almost allowed myself to forget the sleepless nights just thinking of how the day crazily went by. And I almost fooled myself, and maybe everyone, that I've became numb and deaf to the call of my first love. And I never expected myself, in such a long time, to set foot to that place that used to be my world.

The new face of Araneta Coliseum hasn't made as much impact as it gave me one hot October afternoon. I was to set foot to an old home. I was to say hello once again to the people I have spent so much good time with. And I was to see the game that has etched a great deal of memories in my life - basketball.

I, as a young kid, about 6 years old and a girl at that, used to be glued in the television with literally my whole clan, 3 times a week watching basketball. And since time immemorial, I have never supported any team other than Ginebra. They may have gone thru several name changing,  Ginebra or Gilbey's or Gordon Gins, they will always be Ginebra.

I used to think my fascination and support to the team was because my fave player of all time, Magic Man Dondon Ampalayo, was part of the team. But after he had a semi-hiatus and came back donning a new uniform, being Alaska, my heart was still with the Gins. Then I thought maybe it's because of Jaworksi. He, as everybody believes, is the heart and soul of Ginebra, if not the PBA itself. But Jawo retired from playing, became a senator but lo and behold, I am still on the Gin Kings' side.

I grew up looking at the faces of Jaworski, Dondon, the Loyzaga Brothers, Mamaril, Rudy Distrito, Leo Isaac among other Ginebra players. Then came new blood for my team in the name of Jayvee Gayoso, Marlou Aquino (now with SLR), Bal David (retired they say and has migrated in the States), Noli Locsin, Vince Hizon (where's he?). Also in the team was the low profile but ever dependable players as Benny Cheng, Pido Jarencio (retired?), Wilmer Ong. Several imports hold a special place in my heart for being such a wonderful help to my team - Michael Hacket, Billy Ray Bates, Chris King, Joe Ward.

2 years back, I somehow lost the interest. I felt there are other shows that could take my time other than PBA, and other games that I can enjoy doing like volleyball and badminton. I lost track of the new names in the league (though from time to time, I hear several names from my siblings who are still so much into it). My Ginebra wasn't the old Ginebra I fell in love with. It was the same feeling I had when Dondon officialy hanged his jersey up.

Until that sunday afternoon when my sister was able to drag me into seeing a game with my kid. I thought to myself "What the heck!". And so as I enter Araneta once again, savoring my every step on the stairs, seeing other people going from one gate to another looking for a good spot, entering the main door and seeing once again the arena where my idols have played, an old feeling creeped in my veins and started to fill me up.

I am here again. Loving being there. Enjoying every tick of the clock. Screaming to my heart's content until my voice became so hoarse. And looking around, for one minute, I kept quiet and just let myself drown in the deafening chants of the crowd saying "Ginebra! Ginebra! Ginebra".

As a closing note, I have established such a higher respect and faith to Erik Menk. He's one helluva player.