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Sunday, November 20, 2011

See yah later, Krueger!

I could have included vocalist John Molina's name in the title but it wouldn't rhyme. But be warned that there'll be lots of his name from this point on. Not for any reason other than he is the binding factor of the band's existence (as I see it, at least).

For some, it may appear to be that I am obsessed with the band since day one, with me uttering praises whenever I can, wanting to watch them at any possible chance I can have. Believe me but I have gone through the same phase with Bon Jovi, Mig Ayesa, and yeah, even Clay Aiken. But with this band, it's different. Probably so because they are within my reach.

One can probably see it shallow if I say that the band John Molina & Krueger plays a great part of how my stay here in Singapore becomes way bearable. Having to work thousand of miles away from my kids and family takes a huge toll on a person, moreso a mother, like me. It doesn't help being a bit, well, mature, to have it easy going out and enjoy the crowd. But I had a 180, one dull, August night when my friends and I decided to go out and de-stress. Details of which can be found on my first entry about the band.

Needless to say that for every nightout our group scheduled, or even think of, YelloJello will be the first name of place that will pop out. Not only for the relax ambience, but because of how we tremendously enjoy the house music, and how we have become accustomed to its regulat player, John Molina & Krueger. I have this same feeling everytime I go to any bar with Bamboo or Side-A playing. The time spent with their music is spelled F-U-N .

It matters a lot that three of them are Pinoys - Alfred, Boy, and John being a SG born and raised Pinoy. Sultan, the man behind the keyboard and Rizal, the percussion whiz kid are the two more people we always look forward to watch play.

fr. left - Rizal, John, Boy and Sultan

Boy, the excellent guitarist

Rizal on drums

vocalist John, all pumped up

bassist Alfred and Rizal

Listening to this band feels home. They make you feel at ease. In one way or the other, they make our every time spent there something to talk about in the days ahead. Their choice of songs are so in tune with the trend that even the younger crowd can sing with them to their delight. The classics, the old tunes that they sometimes include in the line-up are just the perfect 'down-memory-lane' for us, or me to be honest, who is somehow in the same age range as majority of the band members are.

They smile a lot, they kid with the crowd, they let everyone be in one with them. One readily fills up the other's weakness during performance. They are attuned to each other which makes simple mistakes and let down barely noticeable, especially to those whose ears are not so keen. Hey, every artist has their off nights right? They aren't superhuman. But nevertheless, they are performers who gives out 110% of their love for music, each and every night, six days a week, packed crowd or not. Actually, I kinda seem to enjoy them more on weekdays, when it is not too crowded, and the gang seem to be more relaxed, which somehow brings the "better best" in them, if there's such a thing.

Dancing with their music never fails to bring me to a different zone where I am 21 again, single, carefree, full of life. I can just sing and dance with them all night.

After the first time I watched the band perform, an idea for a novel sparked in me, left me outlining the story even when I am supposed to be working. It made me dream of it, breathe it and write about it more than I am supposed to.

At one point when we had a misunderstanding, a night spent there, singing and dancing mend everything, without uttering any word. If only every problem can be solved that way, then we will have a happier place to be in.

I may, at times, seem like addicted, for lack of a better term, of them. But that's just how I express my appreciation. I listen to every tune. I enjoy every song, I look at how each one of them play their instrument, I watch their every move, I check out their social media sites, and the list goes on. I am not a 17-yr old dreaming of becoming a groupie, never had, never will be. That's.just.how.I.show.my.appreciation. If and when I stop talking about them, delete any song that will remind me of them, never look at the pictures of the band I've taken - that's when I say I am through.

But I am far from that. Besides, I still haven't interviewed John for my novel. :)

So, two days ago, I've read that they are moving out somewhere else. And it made me sad. The same sadness I felt when Bamboo left Rivermaya, or when Bon Jovi decided to take a break, or when Michael Jackson died. So I head out tonight and celebrate, for the last time, the years of great performances they had at YelloJello. And what can I say?  .. it was f*$|ng great! Why, you asked?
Everybody was in tremendously high spirits/pumped up to the roof. Tthe crowd was wild, singing and dancing to every song. The drums are banging, the guitars riffs are lullabyes, the keyboards sounds like sax, the bass guitar beats along with your heart, their voicals are spot on. And ... and, John's voice reaches a new limit - that of Adelle's Rolling in The Deep.  (may I please request for Someone Like You, with me on the mic? just kidding!)


Oh, by the way, John took off his shirt, as he does everynight - NOT! So that became a cherry on top of everyone's strawberry milkshake. It's that sweet, nobody argued.

I felt nostalgic being there. Sad yet hoping, that come opening night of their new home, we will get to see the same warm smiles, the same camaraderie amongst them, the good old tunes that rock the house down and melt our hearts at the same time.

As they bid adieu to YelloJello, a new abode awaits and everyone is excited. I am excited! In two or three weeks time, John said. The sadness lasts only for a few weeks and we'll be having a good time again.

So, au revoir!

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