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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

as the heart beats not

In bed, at dawn, I stare at your face
that's been hanging round my mind.

On moments when I drift away
I imagine you sitting by.

On nights, restless nights,
I reach out and see you by my side
so close I can feel you breathe
you heart beats loud,
or was it mine?

The rain invites me to dance with you
your smile is calling
The morning rays are like your arms
sheltering me, keeping me warm

But in bed, at dawn I would realize
you've just been hanging round my mind
for so long now that my memories swirl
so fierce that I've lost my desire to escape

But then on moments when I drift away,
when I see you sitting by?
I see your hand so close to mine,
your thoughts spinning, taking me to your heart

But I can't go and leave,
So please, let me just wait in bed

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