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Saturday, August 27, 2011

(first) Night with John Molina & Krueger

When four young, vibrant, yet stressed out girls went out one night hoping for a night of some fun, their fairy godmothers must be in her perfect mood.

We found ourselves surrounded with the lights and sounds of Clarke Quay standing in front of a bar named YelloJello, contemplating whether to check out the band that's gonna play. And I'd say deciding to grab our comfy seats was the best thing we did for quite some time.

A little past ten, a band named John Molina and the Krueger took the stage. And what do you say makes a band good and rockin'? Here's my top ten list:

  • when the band is so friendly and warm to everyone
  • when the band members have great chemistry
  • when they sing the coolest of songs, from 80s, 90s to recent hits
  • when the band is capable of eliciting reactions and emotions with each song
  • when everyone raves about the band while playing, and long after they leave for a break, we couldn't wait for the band to get back on stage
  • when the male lead singer can belt out a woman's song and make it his own
  • when everyone in the band looks confident and oozing with charm and charisma
  • when the lead singer got sexy tats and so rockin', even on a simple white shirt and jeans get-up
  • when you are already thinking of coming back while the night is still young

Needless to say we had a blast that first night. Was back two days after with another group of friends, who had the same level of appreciation of the band, and couldn't wait for the next time.

If you are in Singapore looking for a night full of fun, dancing, singing and giggles, head out to YelloJello in The Cannery #01-06 Clarke Quay to watch John Molina and the Krueger Tuesdays to Saturdays.

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