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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Flight Back Home

Job is done (at least here in Bangkok), flight is rebooked, the documents that need to be brought back (the fruits of my labor! lavyah!! :D) are kept. Tomorrow, I'll set foot again in my native land, and will see once again my family.

Working in a foreign land has never been easy, no matter how many times you've been away, specially for those who already have their own family like me. And flight back home always draws excitement from the heart. It's like riding the plane for the first time.

So, cheers for the additonal mileage! I just hope the inflight movie is worth watching =)

Baby, Mommie's going home.


lei said...

hey Janie nice blog hope to see you soon. Leirs

chEr said...

good you're home na. kitakits na lang.. at salamat updated na hahaha miss you so much!!! hugs and kisses to you and my inaanak lian! mwah

MommyBa said...

I hope to see you soon! It's been a while :)

I'm sure Lian and Mike's gonna welcome you with wide smiles and open arms. :)