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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Looking thru a Glass of Iced Tea

Life, wherever part of the world, has never been this difficult and challenging, especially for the less fortunate. And, in the course of striving hard to get through everyday’s responsibilities and trying to make ends meet, we tend to overlook life’s simple pleasures. We fail to see life’s worth beyond the need to eat, to earn money, raise a family.

We often hear stories of regret of why a person did not express his or her feelings towards another when the chance is at hand. And feel more bad losing that person afterwards, may it be to death, or to one lucky man or woman who had the guts.

How then can we avoid this type of extreme heartbreak?

Look thru a glass of iced tea. Make sure the glass is clear, maybe with some cubed ice in it. Then slowly pour in the milk. And you will see, that though the milk has to go through a bumpy way to the bottom, due to the ice, or the water’s compact molecular structure, it gets there. And with a couple of easy stir, it’s there mixed with the tea, creating a wonderfully tasting drink that soothes even the most uptight nerves.

You see, what makes life worth living is life being hard. In so being, we have to have a realistic goal, and we have to have definitive tasks as to how we can achieve that. And no matter how hard each step of the way is going to be, we have to have faith. It is possible that people of same age, or same field, or same society status may hit the target earlier but faith should not be lost. Not everyone is given the same breakaways, the same hardships, the same fortunes or the same weight of responsibility. What matters most is that we’re all given the chance. And we just have to take the chance and do the most that we can. And along the way, we’ll meet people that may pave the easier way, or simply help us carry the load. And we should appreciate them and take the hand.

Surely, it is easier said than done. But still, it can be done. Stick with the “can”. And if headaches start to creep in, or faith starts to loosen, get a glass of iced tea.

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