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Monday, May 02, 2005

"Will You Marry Me?" (or Should I Marry You?")

It's not yet the marrying month (re:June) but allow me to create this entry, as my two-cents worth to those thinking of popping the question, to those hoping to be popped the question with, to those wishing the man to pop this question may arrive, and to those who simply get their selves contented with the "will you marry me" scenes in movies.

I am married, if you will ask, and a mom. And I tell you, being asked THE question is not how they usually put it in movies. But I guess the manner it is done does not matter more than thinking where this leads, or is it the right time, or is the person you're with is really the one.

Yeap, you thought right. Getting married can be one tough mystery to unravel. Very tricky actually. And confusing to say the least.

But what do we gain from getting married anyways? Besides the fact that you'll have to wake up each day of your remainining days seeing the same face (that's if you remain faithful), what's there to look forward to?

Last night, we watch "Shall We Dance" on DVD. And Bev (Susan Sarandon) answered her own question ".. what makes a person want to get settled?". She said "... it's having one person to bear witness to how you live your life".

It's having the one who will appreciate your good deeds, the one who will put you back on track when you get lost in your journey, the one who'll give you a silly smile when you try to be naughty, the one who will give you a shoulder to cry on, the one whom you'll see sitting alone in the corner of your room pondering on what lies ahead, the one who is going to risk and do anything just to be that person to cuddle you at night till you both fall asleep.

Remember the song "Grow Old With You?". That speaks the same thing.

Getting married is no simple game. It's a circus! It's a wild ride to the unknown. But having with you a person you know would make this ride a lot enjoyable is one great task to accomplish.

So I say, in getting married, it's not how you want to live your life, it's not how you want the house to be arranged, it's not how many children you want to have nor how rich you should become. It's making sure that you are getting married to the person who compliments you. When you got this right, then circus wouldn't be that bad.

Oh, how?! Listen to your heart (not your libido). It will not lead you astray. You'll have this certain feeling about a person that when all else fails, having her (him) is the greatest achievement you can be proud of.

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