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Monday, May 24, 2010

Gossip Girl

I am. Today. Gossip Girl.

Sure, office scandals are not uncommon, Through the years, your company (past and present) had its own fair share of stories that are too interesting and juicy, it would give the headlines of Perez' Hilton's blog a run for its money.


Employees have two options when there is a gossip going around - shrug it off or dig deeper into it. I used to just go along with the flow of talk, just enjoying the exchange of theories and stories that either affirm or deny the chism. But for this particular chism that includes an upper and a lady (who acts and feel like a boss), I am ready to get my hands a bit dirty *evil grin*.

Believe you me, I could have just let them be. But because of the drastic changes in the company and how it affected our population, our existence, or importance, our human rights ... no Sir, I am gonna give them a doze of their own medicine.

So, lemme start off with this.

There's the concious effort to hide whatever's going on between them. But a woman is the last not to brag of anything that she gets from his lover, subtly or not. Remember the Smart commercial where 2 girls try to outdo each other with what their men are giving them ("Paulo got me gold.")? In a slip of the tongue, or maybe in an attempt to act friendly, or simply be mayabang about the gift, the girl mentioned it to a colleague. This colleague, at some point thereafter mentioned the incident to her other friends. These friends, who have been doubtful of the lady's connection with the upper, found a blog entry that connects the dot, so to speak. But as they say, nothing is concrete"till the fat lady sings.

To think that the upper has been bragging of his "walang kaibigan, walang kamag-anak" statement. Tama nga naman sya .. lover lang ang pwede?

There we go Upper AXA-ders ... looks like there's more about the lady than not having breaks in the morning ... Will bling and wallet with greenies be enough to keep the flame alive, and make the office life of us here a living hell? I have the blog entries to share, safe and sound in at least two other locations. When it's time, and it's needed, it'll be a bomb.

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