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Monday, February 15, 2010

Bangkok on my mind ...

As I visited Chico Garcia's blog entry, it suddenly dawned on me that I am missing Bangkok.

Homesickness does not kick me as much whenever I get to be assigned there. It's probably because the people do not quite look different from the Filipinos. The weather could be one factor as well, as it's basically the same as what we have here in the Philippines. There are quite a number of Filipinos everywhere too. When the locals speak, that's when my bubble gets burst.

I am missing the humidity
I am missing the locals' smiles

I am missing working at Exchange Tower (here's us inside ET, with our team and Sir Tino)

I am missing Bangkok night lights

I am missing doing this crazy "photo shoots" ehehehe

I am missing the not too crowded moviehouse in Emporium and MBK, even on an opening night. Oopps! Sorry for the miplaced hand :)

I am missing the BTS (sobrang saya sumakay dito .. stress free)

I am missing attending mass at Holy Redeemer Church

I am missing our room in Chatra Court (no matter how often I say "Are there no other place to stay?") .. That's my reflection in the mirror as I took this photo

I am missing the taste and smell of Pad Thai
I am missing my almost daily walk along Sukhumvit road even at the wee hours of the night, without being scared that I might get robbed.

I am missing the regular sized coke that's as big as a super large drink in Wendy's
I am missing the 5-baht california maki being sold in front of Panthip
I am missing the late night drinking and videoke in Suan Lum Night market
I am missing the 85-baht eat all-you-can spots

haaaaayyy ... take me back please :)

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