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Thursday, June 14, 2007

CAMS .. Rants, rave and what's nots

I would like to thank the management for a raise we trully deserve, after having shoved to death's mouth (figuratively) and thrown in the wild. What? No raise still? So that was just a dream then .. Deym! Talk about life getting the best of you but not returning a bit of something to put you back at your feet.

I would still like to think of the increase. But for now, let me talk talk about ... our journey. This is also my homage to my colleagues - to those who have started this project, those who already left (gone mad at implementing the specs perhaps?), those who are still bravely standing, those whom I will held my hands up with when this project finally goes to production. Pals, my hats off to all of you.

CAMS is undeniably the hardest and biggest and weirdest project I have been involved with. Not only for the fact that our specs have gone from the size of a fly to a rhino. Added to that are the users who either do not think first before speaking, or just simply having their ego-trip. I am definitely wasted. Being very far from the comforts of home, thousand of miles away from the warmth of my family - I have been standing on the brink of loosing my wit. My body clock has definitely lost its mind. My lingo has become that of the jargons we have been hearing and reading since time immemorial. I have found new friends and have added new enemies in my hate-book. I can no longer feel the happiness on weekends and I have been missing my soft pillows. I have memorized almost all the songs in my PC.

Probably one of the few positive things that has happened to me was being aware of Augustana's music. Did I say they are ubah-hot and tremendously talented bunch? I just did!

To say that I feel like standing at the edge of a ravine is an understatement. The only tie that's keeping me at bay is the scent of my babies and my husband I so missed.

Alright, there was DreamWorld.. finally we were able to go there. Enjoyed the Snow Town, loved the Super Splash, lost my breath on Viking and Space Mountain, got comfy on the cable car. Wonderful. One of the few times I can say this.

I just wish my previous team members were with us.

To CAMS team, we have been on a bumpy ride, it's been exciting and challenging. I still have my positivity on my sleeves that we would soon ride that TG aircraft soon.

Cheers, life is still great.

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