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Monday, September 05, 2005

So Into MiG

I have a confession to make. I'd be thirty next year (shucks!) and a mother to a three-year old baby girl. I have thought that I've gone past the stage of going gaga over some celebrity. But lo and behold, I am at it again. I go crazy and helpless at the same time. And who is this beautiful stranger?

It's MiG Ayesa!

I have been struck by MiG-flu since day one of Rockstar InXs. And though I may not be able to brag the length of time that I've been addicted to MiG, I can probably be welcomed by other MiGsters as someone who holds him so dear in my heart.

I have compilations of MiG's performances in the contest, in video and audio format, have his face as my fone's wallpaper, even have his version "Baby I love Your Way" version as my ringtone. Am I an addict or what??!!

Plus, I admit that my guilty pleasure for months now is to surf the net for any news (old and new), blog posts, message board entries and pictures about him.

I would be soooo surprised to know anybody who haven't heard of him, or read about him! That'd be crazier :D. Anyhow, I'd be kind enough to give the links below for everyone to read more of this gorgeous (gees, those eyes could melt me) and truly-talented artist.

Rockstar InXs: MiG Profile
Mig Central
Mig Ayesa's Official Site
Team MiG

So, I am back to my teenage days, yes. The 13-yr old in me has taken over, when it comes to MiG, that is.

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