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Monday, September 05, 2005

If I Knew Heaven

If I knew heaven I knew you must have come from there.
For you laughter is like a smooth wave of air
sending my thoughts in a land far away.

You are my sweet little angel
who blossoms so quick yet so lovely.
You are my guiding star
whose light never falter, always in sight.
And God has given you a beautiful name
Mary Julliane, my own flesh.

If I knew heaven, I knew you are an angel.
For your existence defined what I would become

Each waking day, each passing moment
it seems that your charm never cease
to draw a smile in my lips
and give life to my breath.

If I knew heaven I knew you are God's creation
sent here on earth
to guide me thru life's struggles,
to lift me in my every fall,
to bring smile when my eyes show sadness,
to know Jesus' love is in abundance.

The touch of your soft, litle hands
brings youth and life in me.
I dwell in bliss as you sing a song
no better than anybody.
I always long for your soothing voice,
and your sweet, tender kisses.
I knew how it feels to be in heaven
when God blessed me with thee.

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