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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Notting Hill - Revisited

I confess, I have watched Notting Hill a zillion times already and I am far from having too much of it.

Can't blame me, Julia Roberts is undeniably a sweetheart. She's beautiful, an a-1 actress, and simply adorable. Her eyes could just melt you in an emotional scene. And her smile could, you know, launch a thousand ships! And Hugh Grant - he's ... well, huge! I mean, let alone for his British accent, I can just drool till this room get flooded (not at the moment, thanks!).

But what makes the movie a classic other than having these two brilliant actors on the helm?

The lines.

Don't you just felt a hard thud in your heart when Anna (Roberts) said "I am also a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her."

How about when she, out of confusion and disarray, uttered "I will regret this forever!", followed by the sulking look in William's (Grant) face and the shock on Anna's.

Oh! one more. William said to Anna "This is a very strange reality to be faced with.". Reality really has the ability to knock you off your feet and into the dust. Awww! Such pain!

The symbolism and representations.

In the movies, how would you tell the viewers that a months has passed since an event took place? We often see on screen something like "2 months later.." Or maybe we will see the character be in a lot of situation in a fast pace. But in this movie, William simply walked along a street in Notting Hill as the season changed from summer to fall. And along the way, you would also see what has taken place for some people. Neat isn't it?

How about the painting? It becomes a significant symbol of the love between Anna and William.

And who could forget the brownies? *smirk*

*note: originally posted at Xanga by the same author, dated Friday, Oct. 22, 2004

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Reggie said...

i love notting hill! it's one of the most memorable movies i've ever watched. it's also worth mentioning that while William is walking in the street throughout the months after he last saw Anna, the background music by Al Green makes it really perfect. also found his dating attempts funny.